Grass-fed Ground Bison

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One pound of Ground Bison. Produced by Thunderheart Bison.


Produced by Thunderheart Bison

Carrizo Springs, Texas

For thousands of years, the American Bison was the life blood of the indigenous people who lived here. Free ranging herds, numbering over 60,000,000 provided the purest protein on the planet. They were and are the very essence of the creators gifts and the Native American symbol of abundance. A gift that sustained them both physically and spiritually. It is in this tradition that Thunder Heart Bison, owned and run by Hugh and Sarah Fitzsimons, raises their animals. Located just outside of Carrizo Springs, Texas, the 13,000 acre Shape Ranch prides itself on traditional and humane ranching practices. Respecting both the bisons life and what it provides. They do this by allowing them to grow to maturity, they are field harvested on site under the supervision of a Texas Department of Health meat inspector. The result is an animal that is stress free, hormone free and grain free.

Unlike most bison and domestic cattle, their bison eat only grass, never grain. The result is a nutrient dense meat that is less than 2% in saturated fat and has an extraordinarily high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, an essential component in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. In addition, grass-fed bison meat contains high levels of betacarotenes, the anti carcinogen and fat burner CLA, and Selenium, a trace element and vital anti-oxidant that strengthens the immune system. In short, what you are eating is evolution's answer to protein consumption. A protein derived from an animal that is inherently healthy and whose powerful immune system is passed on to you.