Grain-Free Muffin Mix: Pure Heart

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14 oz Muffin Mix- Makes 2 batches, approximately 20 muffins
ingredients: Almond flour, baking soda, Himalayan sea salt, cinnamon, ground vanilla


Pure Heart is dedicated to providing you delicious and wholesome, grain-free foods to help you on your health journey. We believe a good health doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the experience of a fun and flavorful breakfast.

Our Story:

As a mom struggling to recover from extreme auto-immune dysfunction and lyme disease, I had a list of debilitating symptoms due to extreme inflammation. I decided a change of diet was needed to get on a path to better health.

On this quest, I sought to find a pancake mix that both met my dietary needs, and tasted good enough to fulfil my son’s request for pancakes for our special weekend brunches. My search for a grain-free pancake mix that didn’t include added sugars, have added gums, preservatives or fillers, proved to be quite difficult. After trying out several unsatisfactory store-bought options, I took on the challenge to create my own. My repeated experiments in the kitchen led to a pancake recipe my family and I could all enjoy, and now I am sharing it, along with a new products, with you!