Deep River HOLIDAY Spreads

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Apple Butter   Slow oven roasted, sweetened with a touch apple cider, then seasoned with spices for a rich sweet fall flavor. Slather on pancakes, toast, scones, or tea breads for a delicious treat.

Cranberry Mustard A smooth mustard rich in cranberry flavor, holiday spices and a touch of brown sugar. Perfect for ham, pork, chicken, or turkey. Great for all those wonderful leftovers too!  

Pumpkin Butter Rich smooth pumpkin puree with cinnamon and lightly sweetened with brown sugar and pure maple syrup makes this like pumpkin pie in a jar. Spoon it over waffles, fold into whipped cream for a warmth of soft sweetness or spread it on graham crackers for a campfire treat.  

Snow Butter Rich, creamy vanilla bean curd. Drizzle over grilled pound cake, put between cake layers, spoon over ice cream, serve with scones,(we like them with raspberry ones). Pair with our Chocolate Kahlua Boozy Cake for a decedent dessert.