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-Welcome Bridget's Basket-

Bridget's Basket, out of Hunt, Texas is the latest farmer to join our curbside family. Say "hi" and check out their beautiful produce here!

What's Featured in our 4th Seasonal Produce Bag of 2021

 Rainbow Swiss Chard Fruitful Hill
Green shallots Fruitful Hill
Red Radish Fruitful Hill
Collard Greens Braune Farms
Broccoli Head Braune Farms
Cherry Tomatoes Green Bexar Farm
Head of Lettuce Green Bexar Farm
1 lb. Petite Sweet Potatoes Fruitful Hill


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New and Featured Items

resized-20210117-152159-70887.1610924010.jpg                     screen-shot-2021-01-17-at-5.39.47-pm.png
Ms. Chocolatier, DIY Cookie Kit              -BOGO Free- Lick Seasonal Ice Cream Pints

-PB&J Kit-
Includes: Dry Roasted Peanut Butter, your choice of Jam, and Homemade White Bread 


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Curbside Pickup has Moved: Sundays 2 PM-6PM
Purchasing is available from 7pm Sunday to Midnight the following Thursday

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