La Babia Ground Beef

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1 pound package of ground hamburger meat

Our cattle start their life in the wide open—ranging and grazing as far as the eye can see

over acres of beautiful, tough, wild country. They are tended by cowboys—not farmers—

and we think that makes all the difference in the world. We believe in wide open

space, the wild, in scrub brush, and big winds. We believe that our cattle grow healthy,

lean, and strong out here. We believe in handling them, not handing them over. They come

from our ranch, La Babia, to your plate, and we know where they’ve been every step of the

way. There’s not a lot of us left out here, cowboys that is, but we think this way of life, how

we raise our cattle, treat the land, and our customers is worth preserving. Thanks for being

a part of our story. Adios and gracias, Los Vaqueros de La Babia”